Multi Split Systems

multi split system

Some of the features of the Fujitsu units we install:

Clean Function

  • ION Deodorization filter-
  • Comfortable Function
  • Powerful Mode-operation at maximum air flow and compressor speed-which quickly makes the room cool
  • Connectable fresh air duct-allows introduction of fresh air to occupied space

Energy Saving Function

Human Sensor-the sensor detects movement of people and operated at a lower fan speed when the room is empty

Convenient Function

  • Sleep Timer-Unit gradually changes the room temperature allowing you to sleep at night
  • Program Timer-ON / OFF can be set up to 4 times in 1 day

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning or Refrigerated Air Conditioning

We work with the leading suppliers of Multi Split Air Conditioners in Australia.  The brands we choose from are Fujitsu , Actron Air and Daikin, who are a leading supplier of air conditioning systems.

The term refrigerated air conditioning comes from the fact that such air conditioners use refrigerant to chill the air much the same way as refrigerators chill your food.

Refrigerated air conditioners can be used for one room or multiple rooms.

If the flow of refrigerant in the air conditioner can be reversed then the unit is capable of heating as well as cooling. This type of air conditioner is known as reverse cycle air conditioning. Reverse cycle air conditioners are very efficient at both heating and cooling compared to for example an electric heater.

Reverse Cycle Split System Air Conditioning

Split systems are one of the most common systems used today. They are great at covering 1 area – usually a bedroom or a lounge room – without blowing the budget. All brands have the ability to heat or cool making it a versatile choice between seasons.

We work with the leading suppliers of Air Conditioners in Australia.  One brand is Fujitsu, who are a leading supplier of air conditioning systems.

Depending on the size of the area you want to cool the below information will help.

Single Room

We can help decide on the best unit to meet your requirements for a single room.  Please click here for further information about a single room split system air conditioner.

Multiple Rooms

Reverse Cycle Split System air conditioning is ideal where individual air conditioning units are required in more than one room, for example a living room and bedroom.

A multi split system allows for a variety of up to 4 individual indoor air conditioning systems using just one outdoor unit. Each individual air conditioning system can be controlled separately using an individual remote. They can also be installed in a variety of applications from homes and offices to multi story buildings.

Flexible Installation

Multiple indoor units can be connected to 1 outdoor unit rather than multiple outdoor units.  This means greater installation flexibility and space saving options.  Long pipe runs offer even greater choices for installation. -Remove

The main features are:

  • Energy Efficient
  • Flexible Installation
  • Innovative Technology
  • 5 year parts and labour warranty

Free Consultation

For more details regarding what products are most suitable for your home, call us at (03) 9580 – 3983 or click here for further information from our experienced team.  As part of our service we can visit your premises and provide you with a free assessment.  This will highlight the most efficient system for your requirements.

Available Spilt System brands we sell are:

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