Carbon Monoxide Testing (CO2) for Gas Heating

Carbon Monoxide Testing

Gas heaters can produce dangerous levels of carbon monoxide when dust or dirt builds up, ducts become blocked or the combustion process does not properly occur.

Victorians are encouraged to have their gas heaters serviced by a registered gasfitter at least every two years to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.  Within this service make sure you get Carbon Monoxide testing completed.

This applies to every type of gas heater including, whether they are old or newer appliances:

  • Wall units
  • Central heating units
  • Decorative log fires
  • Space heaters ­

Carbon Monoxide leaks are caused by gas heaters that:

  • Have not been regularly serviced / maintained
  • Faulty gas heating units
  • Gas heater parts needing repair or replacement
  • Are older style units that do not completely burn the gas it uses


Visit here for further information from Energy Safe Victoria

Organise a Carbon Monoxide test or service your Gas heating with Alpha Air for peace of mind.  We can test and service at the same time.

CO2 Testing

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