The benefits of zoned ducted heating & cooling in Melbourne

You’ve got the house of your dreams. It ticks all the boxes… with the exception of one.

One of the issues with ducted heating and cooling? You don’t get the same level of granular control that you otherwise would with multiple split systems located throughout different rooms in your home.

So what does that leave you with?

A real rock-and-a-hard-place choice: do you go with the power and coverage of ducted heating and cooling and sacrifice control (and waste energy?) Or do you choose the flexibility of split systems and sacrifice cooling power in the process?

You might think it’s a tricky predicament to be in – but good news! Zoned ducted heating and cooling gives you the best of both worlds!

What is zoning, and how does it work?

The biggest strength of any ducted heating and cooling system? Its ability to offer powerful, all-house comfort, no matter the season.

The problem is that sometimes, you might not need all of your house cooled!

In these cases, ducted air conditioning can feel a bit wasteful. And that’s why zoning exists.

The key to your zoned ducted heating and cooling is the network of gates installed in your ductwork. These redirect the flow of air around the house, allowing you to completely control the amount of air delivered to certain areas of your home.

When you switch to a specific zone, the gates will open or close corresponding to the areas included in each zone, allowing you to heat or cool the parts of your home that you’re actually using.

Why add zoning to your ducted heating and cooling?

Save energy

Let’s face it: how much of your house do you really use on any given day?

We’ll bet that certain rooms don’t see very much use at all. For example, most people probably don’t use their bedrooms during daylight hours.

So why waste energy heating or cooling them?

With zoned ducted air conditioning, you’ll be able to control which areas of your home are heated or cooled.

Specifically, you’ll be able to use settings that ensure that the rooms you aren’t using aren’t heated or cooled, saving you a considerable amount of power.

Depending on how your system is set up, you may be able to control the climate on a room-by-room basis as well.

Overcome uneven temperatures

Heat likes to move around.

Depending on the season (and which rooms in your house you use the most), this can be both a good thing and a bad thing:

  • Heat rises – if your home has a void area, this can lead to a lot of warm air from downstairs quickly transferring upstairs, and downstairs cooling off quickly
  • Second storey rooms tend to heat up faster – during summer, this can mean that upstairs rooms need air conditioning, while downstairs ones don’t
  • What if part of your home is built into a hill? Basements and subterranean rooms are insulated, and tend to be much cooler
  • House orientation – north-facing rooms get a lot more sun, and tend to be much warmer 

Long story short, uneven temperatures mean that different parts of your home have different cooling and heating requirements.

Parts of it may only need half the cooling – others may not need it at all!

Luckily, zoning can help in all of these situations.


Thanks to reverse cycle ducted heating and cooling, ducted air conditioning has come a long way in terms of versatility – now it can be used in both summer and winter, saving you the cost of installing two separate systems.

By allowing you to control which rooms get heated and cooled (and how much they receive), you can add even more flexibility to your air conditioning system.

Our heating and cooling team in Melbourne has attended many homes which have ducted heating and cooling as well as a separate system for a room with its own unique heating or cooling requirements.

If only these homeowners knew that zoning means that you don’t need to do this anymore!

Your home comfort requires a flexible solution. Reverse cycle ducted heating and cooling is an important step – however, with zoning you can take it even further.

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Can I add zoning to my existing ducted heating and cooling?

Yes, as a matter of fact!

Okay, so it isn’t quite that simple. There’s a lot of work that goes into it: for starters, gates need to be installed deep in your ductwork, so we’ll need to gain access to them first.

In addition to adding zoning gates into your existing ductwork, your heating and cooling company will also need to install a new thermostat that’s compatible with zoned ducted heating and cooling.

One step that often gets overlooked? System design.

Yep, it doesn’t just apply when installing ducted heating and cooling!

In order to get the best outcome for you, we need to figure out what your heating and cooling needs are. Specifically, we need to figure out:

  1. Whether some rooms have different heating and cooling requirements
  2. Which rooms see the most usage throughout the day

Most importantly, we’ll also need to figure out what sorts of zones are feasible.

You may not know it, but having an air conditioning system that’s too powerful can actually cause issues like accelerated wear-and-tear.

When figuring out how to zone your ducted system, we need to assign zones in such a way that it doesn’t result in the issues that come with overpowered heating and cooling.

Luckily, our unique and efficient approach means that this doesn’t need to take long…

One-day ducted heating and cooling installation

One thing that sets us apart from other heating and cooling companies in Melbourne? Our ability to offer one-day installation.

And yes, that extends to ducted air conditioning systems too!

It’s all thanks to our highly optimised systems and processes. During our initial inspection, we take stock of everything that may pop up during your ducted installation.

Using this information, we can plan around it, coming up with contingencies and solutions for any complications that may arise.

Come the big day, we’ll turn up with a proper plan of attack, as well as all the equipment we need to add zoning to your existing ducted heating and cooling.

It’s this preparation that allows us to finish the job before the day is done!

Call Alpha Air for ducted heating and cooling in Melbourne

Our goal is simple: to ensure your comfort, all year round.

That’s been our mission since day 1. And we’ve been delivering on that promise for homeowners all over Melbourne.

Zoning is just one part of that equation – our huge range of quality systems from trustworthy brands, as well as optional extras such as Wi-Fi control allows us to create a ducted heating and cooling system that keeps running costs low and your home comfortable all year.

Looking to upgrade your ducted heating and cooling? Want to add these powerful features (and more) to your home?

Get in touch with Alpha Air on 1300 854 525, or click here to get a free quote. You can also visit us for heating and cooling in Melbourne: pop into our office at F6 / 310-312 Governor Rd, Braeside VIC 3195.

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