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A multi split system connects up to 6 indoor units to just one outdoor unit!

  • Independently control the temperature of each unit
  • Space-saving installation and improved outdoor aesthetics
  • Convenient and efficient heating and cooling solution
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Who is a multi split system for?

Flat roof homes

Live in a home with a flat room? This design style often cannot accommodate the traditional ducts associated with a ducted heating and cooling system.

The smart alternative is a multi-split system that connects up to 6 internal room units to a single external unit. 

No underfloor space

Along with flat roofs, we often encounter homes which simply don’t have enough underfloor space for a ducted system.

In such cases, we can design and install a multi split system that accounts for your family’s individual needs.

Double storey homes

Double storey homes are unique in that there is often no room to fit ductwork from the roof to the ground floor.

A multi split system can keep your living room cool downstairs while entertaining, while sleeping kids upstairs can stay warm.

Benefits of multi split systems

The ultimate whole-house comfort solution: enjoy individual temperature control in each room in the house, with a multi split system from Alpha Air!

Limited outdoor space?

No problem – a multi split system can connect up to 6 indoor units to a single outdoor unit. A multi split system is a great solution to help you maintain outdoor aesthetics.

Individual control

As each indoor unit has its own controller, occupants in each room can adjust the temperature to their desired needs, without worrying about affecting other rooms in the home.


A multi split system is an efficient way to deliver cool, fresh, and clean air to any room of the home, with individual and precise temperature control. Kw capacity of your indoor units can be matched with the different sizes of your rooms.

Inverter technology

Compressor inverter technology allows for rapidly cooling of isolated spaces. Once this has been achieved, only a small amount of power is needed to set temperature levels in each room.

Reverse cycle

Reverse cycle technology means your system not only keeps you cool in summer, but warm in winter, too! Enjoy year-round comfort, no matter the temperature outside.

Multi-split systems

With so many astounding benefits attributed to a multi split air conditioning solution from Alpha Air, it’s easy to see why so many Melbournians are making the switch from their outdated and inefficient air conditioning units.

Alpha Air’s highly skilled and experienced team will happily come out to your home or commercial property to install this modern and efficient system.

Multi split air conditioning installation Melbourne

Alpha Air provides multi split air conditioner installation across Melbourne, Bayside, and the Mornington Peninsula.

Multiple indoor units

Individual indoor units operate independently of one another, so every occupant of each room can set their desired temperature.

Indoor units are commonly wall-mounted splits, but can also be installed within the ceiling cavity. There are a wide number of indoor solutions available, so you can choose the one that best suits your home’s aesthetics. 

The indoor components of a multi split system are easily installed by the experts at Alpha Air.

Single outdoor unit

The outdoor unit is discreetly located and housed within a sturdy cabinet to ensure its protection. They allow for exhausted air to dissipate into the atmosphere.

It is attached to an existing structure or new building and usually requires no extra structural elements or reinforcing to house installation.

An outdoor unit simply requires a location for distribution of clean air, a constant electrical power supply and a stable footing base to avoid vibration.

System design

In the case of a multi split system, system design includes determining the most appropriate unit size and kw capacity of each unit for multiple rooms in the house. For example, a smaller bedroom may require less capacity compared to a larger living room. 

The capacity required of all indoor units combined tells us the kw capacity the outdoor unit must be. 

We look at many factors to determine the ideal capacity for every room your multi split system will power, including:

  • Orientation
  • Size
  • Thermal load
  • The location of doors and windows

The result? A tailored multi split system that meets your home’s specific needs and prioritises your family’s comfort!

Is a multi split system right for you?

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