Ducted heating installation Melbourne

Get a ducted heating system that’s perfect for your home, needs and budget!

  • Energy-efficient systems that bring down your bills
  • Tailored system design to suit your home and budget
  • Reverse cycle technology delivers year-round comfort
Ducted heating installation Melbourne

Ducted heating installation

Ducted heating installation offers homeowners in Melbourne more powerful and even heating throughout the property.

At Alpha Air, we’re specialists in this type of heating system.

Our team understands that no two houses are alike – that’s why each ducted heating solution we propose is designed from the ground up with your specific home in mind.

We look at a wide range of variables that might affect how powerful a system you need, and which may pose a challenge to successful installation.

By taking a tailored approach, we ensure that you get the best system for your needs, and that installation is fast and smooth.

Ceiling space

Heating ducts take up space – if your ceiling doesn’t have the space needed, your heating installation will not succeed.

Our initial consultation includes an inspection of your ceiling space – this helps us evaluate the logistics of your upcoming installation, and allows us to plan around obstacles like wiring.

House design

What type of insulation does your house use? Is yours an open-plan home? Does your property have a lot of windows that face the sun?

These are some of the design factors that can influence how much heating power you need, and need to be taken into account when designing your ducted heating system.

Room volume

Big rooms require more powerful heaters to keep warm – it’s really that simple.

We account for room volume, as well as open-plan designs when determining which system is most suitable for your needs. This determines which condenser to choose, as well as how extensive your duct network will have to be.

One-day ducted heating installation

Don’t shiver through yet another chilly Melbourne morning. Our ducted heating experts have refined and perfected the installation process, down to just a single day!

We make it our mission to complete the job as quickly as possible, minimising the amount of time you spend without heating.

Our highly detailed inspection doesn’t only allow us to choose the best system and duct setup for you – it also allows us to anticipate and plan for installation challenges, and come up with a plan that allows us to complete the job effectively, in minimal time.

Don’t suffer through the cold any longer – call Alpha Air today for all your ducted heating needs!

Want to learn more about ducted heating installation, and if it’s right for you? Get in touch with Alpha Air today.