Gas appliance safety service and carbon monoxide testing

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Gas Appliance Safety Check & Carbon Monoxide Testing

What safety checks do landlords need?

Thanks to recent changes to the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA), rental providers will now need to perform regular gas safety checks and carbon monoxide testing in residential rental properties

Gas heaters, like any gas appliance, can be prone to issues if they aren’t properly maintained or looked after.

In particular, poorly-maintained gas appliances can give rise to carbon monoxide leaks, a dangerous gas that is completely odourless, invisible, and extremely flammable.

As a residential rental provider (formerly known as ‘landlord’), you have a duty of care to your tenants and their families to ensure that the property is safe to reside in, including performing regular inspections of gas appliances and connections.

In addition to aircon service and repair, our local heating and air conditioning experts can perform regular ongoing inspections of your gas appliances, ensuring that each one works properly and that your residents and property are protected from this invisible danger.

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What is included in a gas safety check?

  • Carbon monoxide testing
  • Gas pressure checks
  • Gas line and pipe inspections
  • Burner inspections
  • Gas leak detection and repair
  • Component testing
  • Gas connection testing
  • On-the-spot maintenance and repairs
  • Safety device inspection
  • Ventilation checks
  • Inspection of gas appliance flue systems
  • Checking for installation defects

How compliant is your rental property?

Keep up with your new legal requirements and protect your tenants by getting our licensed team to perform gas inspections at your rental property.

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Carbon monoxide explained

Invisible, odourless, tasteless – carbon monoxide is an invisible threat that can arise in any home with gas appliances

As a gas, carbon monoxide (CO) is highly flammable. However, this is not the only risk that this gas poses to tenants and their families.

Created as the result of gas that does not burn off fully, carbon monoxide (CO) displaces oxygen in the air. This reduces the amount of oxygen that enters your body every time you inhale, leading to oxygen starvation in your organs and a number of negative health consequences.

Data reveals that at least 1 in every 10 rental properties has a critical gas safety issue posing a significant health risk to its tenants. In Victoria alone, at least nine people have died from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning since 2000 and hundreds more have been admitted to hospital.

Avoid this and adhere to new Victorian rental laws by getting your gas appliances inspected by a qualified and licensed professional.

Carbon monoxide explained

More than just
gas heaters

In addition to heating and air conditioning, our team are Type A Servicing accredited, allowing us to test, diagnose and repair carbon monoxide issues in other gas appliances.

Commitment to compliance and reliability

Our team consists of licensed gas plumbers who are fully trained in carbon monoxide testing and gas appliance maintenance, providing transparent reporting for rental providers at the conclusion of each service or repair.

State of the art safety equipment

We are equipped with the latest technology and equipment available, allowing us to diagnose and fix gas issues faster and more accurately, while digital record keeping for all attendances maximises accountability.


To ensure the best service quality in the industry, all of our staff are employed directly by Alpha Air, not contractors. They are provided with extensive best-in-industry training that is updated regularly and are assessed on a continual basis.

Seamless service

Our goal is to make what’s often a long and drawn-out process into an easy one. We make it easy for your agent to get in touch, and provide regular reminders to ensure that rental providers are meeting their new legal requirements.

Carbon monoxide FAQs for rental providers

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Are carbon monoxide
detectors required by code?

While the changes don’t mandate carbon monoxide detectors in rental properties, these can be a valuable back-up, protecting the property in between scheduled inspections.

How often should a
gas safety check be done?

Under the new laws, residential rental providers will need to get all gas appliances on their rental properties every 2 years.

Can you test yourself for
carbon monoxide poisoning?

Gas safety checks such as gas heater carbon monoxide testing and gas oven inspections must be performed by a licensed or registered gas fitter or plumber who is endorsed to work on Type A appliances.

Is it a legal requirement to
have a gas safety certificate?

As part of your gas appliance inspection, you will need to obtain certification to verify that inspection and repairs occurred. A gas safety certificate is the recommended way of recording previous gas work.

How do you test for carbon
monoxide in your home?

Devices such as CO alarms can help you detect CO leaks as they occur in a rental property, allowing you to arrange timely repairs and servicing.

Where do CO leaks

CO leaks can potentially arise in any appliance that burns fuel. While appliances that burn gas such as a gas heating system, stove or water heater are the most common culprits, it can also potentially arise in fireplaces as well.

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