Temperature Controller

Temperature Controller Services in Brighton, Mornington and Throughout Melbourne

Alpha Air provides homes and commercial properties in Brighton, Cheltenham, Mornington, Mount Eliza and throughout Melbourne with temperature controller installation and maintenance. A temperature controller is a device that allows the occupant to set the exact temperature of the water coming out of taps.

Alpha Air can either install the controller into individual outlets or directly onto the piping next to your hot water system. Temperature controllers regulate the heat being distributed once the hot tap is turned on. It does this by adding a particular amount of cold water into the mix.

The Value of Temperature Controllers

We can preset your controller with a range of temperatures, depending on what the particular tap is mostly used for. For example, you can preset your show to 40 degrees, your child’s bathroom tap to 30 degrees and your dishwasher to the full 50 degrees. All you have to do is turn on the hot tap and you won’t have to add any cold water, such is the value of a temperature controller.

This also eliminates changes in temperature when other taps on the property are in use, because it is regulating those too. Certain models installed by Alpha Air have functions that allow you to fill a sink or bath to a certain volume, and will shut off once they have reached that level.

Benefits of the Temperature Controller

The most important benefit of having a temperature controller is safety. The hot water temperature of a storage system is usually set to around 60 degrees – this is done to kill off any bacteria. It only takes a matter of seconds to develop a deep scald at this temperature. With a temperature controller this potential hazard is avoided.

The ease of operation also means you will save a great amount of water and time. You will no longer have to juggle the temperature between the hot and cold water taps. This can be a major problem for larger properties. With a temperature controller, the system will simply reach the desired temperature without you having to control it manually.

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