Air conditioning Windsor

Stay cool in one of Melbourne’s trendiest suburbs with Alpha Air’s heating and cooling solutions.

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Split System Service and Repairs

Air conditioning installation Windsor

Whether it’s a studio apartment, flat, or terrace house, the Alpha Air team can provide your home in Windsor with tailored heating and cooling solutions.

Air conditioning service & repairs Windsor

Is your air conditioning or heater struggling to keep you comfortable? Our expert team can diagnose and fix issues with a range of different heating and cooling systems.

Air conditioning upgrade & replacement Windsor

Our ducted reverse cycle experts endeavour to reuse as much of your existing heating and cooling infrastructure as possible, reducing the cost of HVAC upgrades and replacement.

We get it right the first time

The most important part of your heating and cooling installation is our initial consultation.

It’s during this initial on-site inspection of the property that the groundwork is laid for the rest of your heating and cooling installation.

Our team takes a deep dive into your home in order to determine which system is perfect for your requirements.

Some of the important factors we must assess include:

  • Room volume
  • Insulation material
  • Windows
  • Appliances
  • Ventilation
  • Ceiling and wall space
  • Shade
  • Wall material

All of these can influence your comfort in some way, thereby influencing how powerful your reverse cycle heating and cooling will have to be to sustain your comfort.

Alpha Air will look after your comfort

Ongoing post-sales support

We won’t disappear once installation is complete – our team keeps you cool for the long haul.

You can trust Alpha Air to look after your heating and cooling.

Our team provides air conditioning repairs for unexpected problems, ongoing servicing to detect problems early, and can upgrade your home heating and cooling once it reaches the end of its life.

Improved air quality

Home comfort is about more than just the temperature – it’s also important that you take into consideration factors such as noise, humidity, and or course, air quality.

In addition to providing powerful heating and cooling, ducted reverse cycle heating and cooling also filters your air, cleansing it of the pollutants that come with living that close to a major city.