Ducted refrigerated air conditioning and heating Melbourne

Ducted systems provide discreet air conditioned and heating comfort.

  • Installed in new homes or tailored to suit existing builds
  • Once installed, only the controller and discharge grilles are visible
  • The system runs on electricity

The brands we choose from are Fujitsu, ActronAir and Daikin, who are a leading supplier of air conditioning systems.

Ducted refrigerated air conditioning Melbourne

Ducted refrigerated

The Daikin system has the following features.

15 fan settings

15 different fan speed settings to suit your ductwork configuration. The ultimate home comfort solution!

Improved energy efficiency

Achieved through the use of a DC Fan motor, cross-pass heat exchanger and increased outdoor coil passes.

Australian made

Indoor units are specifically designed and manufactured to Australian standards to withstand the harsher summer climate.

Night quiet mode

Reduces the outdoor noise levels during sleeping hours and automatically resumes normal operations in the morning.

Inverter technology

This works like the accelerator of a car, gently increasing or decreasing power. Reach the desired temperature quicker and steadily maintain it without fluctuations.

Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning and Heating brands we sell