The Efficient Choice for Split System Air Conditioning in Melbourne

There’s a reason why split systems are among the most popular choices for air conditioning in Melbourne and across Australia.

  • Lower up-front installation cost
  • Powerful, effective temperature control
  • Perfect for situations where other options are unsuitable

Most units could be called “split” – that is, they are made up of one indoor and one outdoor component –the best-known type is a wall-mounted air conditioner.
This is an excellent option for efficient cooling that allows precise control across several different rooms in the house.

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A ducted split system in Melbourne is perfect for…

Residential Heating and Cooling

Small homes

Residential Heating and Cooling

Studio apartments

Commercial Heating and Cooling

Units and flats

Commercial Heating and Cooling

Individual rooms

Commercial Heating and Cooling

Small offices

The Benefits of Split System Air Conditioning

Ducted split systems offer powerful temperature control and brilliant coverage to keep your whole house cool as needed.
While ducted heating and cooling may be unnecessary in a smaller home or property like an apartment, office, or townhouse, many benefits make them popular.
Split systems are cost-efficient, sustainable and comfortable air conditioning for homes and businesses.

Reduced household energy expenditures

Typically, centralised units have a problem with losing energy due to heat exchanges in the duct.
However, because this option doesn’t contain much ductwork, the potential for heat or energy loss is much lower, making them ideal for stubborn hot rooms that might not receive adequate ventilation. Combined with highly-efficient technology like VRV/VRF, you can drastically reduce your energy usage.

Lower upfront cost

These conditioners are smaller and cheaper upfront, making it a smart choice when limited space and budget, especially if you don’t need powerful all-house cooling.

On top of this traditional option, our team also designs and manages every part of thisprocess from purchase to completion of a multi-split alternative that links multiple indoor units to a single compressor, allowing you to cool numerous rooms.

Find out more about our products here.

Easy installation

Without the need for ductwork for this type of air conditioning, we’re able to set itup much faster and with greater efficiency than other choices. It is standard that we’ll only need to drill small holes in the walls to hold the wiring and tubes in most cases.

As such, they’re a cost-efficient, low-maintenance way for your family or business to enjoy a climate-controlled solution. We strongly recommend choosing a qualified technician tosafely and expertly complete the project.

Advanced climate control

Although cooling is the primary purpose of this choice, they also provide optimal climate control. Some units come with additional cooling capabilities and are perfect for year-round, cost-effective comfort in the household.

We’re talking about extras like VRV/VRF technology, WiFi control, advanced filtering andother like options.

Your Go-To Place for Air Conditioning Service and Repairs

You wouldn’t drive a car that hasn’t been serviced for years – why should your household cooling units be any different? Like mechanical devices, these units are prone to all sorts of issues:

  • Failure
  • Wear-and-tear
  • Broken components

The solution? Regular servicing of your products for optimum results

Our expert Alpha technicians provide quick and efficient service and expertly affix it to your home in Melbourne. Whether you need emergency repairs or an inspection and service heading into summer, our team is here to help.

With years of experience in all facets of these units, including repair and maintenance, you can be sure that you will only receive top quality service from expert specialists and ongoing support.

Give us a call at any time of the year, and we’ll send one of our team over as soon as we can to ensure you’re home remains at an optimum temperature for ultimate comfort.

Split System Service and Repairs

Experience the Difference in Efficiency with Ducted Excellence

Wall-mounted isn’t the only option for installation. When installing in your home, comfort isn’t the only consideration; appearances also matter.

Many find the traditional wall-mounted option simply too distracting and obtrusive yet find value in other available options that manufacturers like Fujitsu , Actron and Daikin offer. These alternatives include:

Wall-mounted units

Simple, straightforward and easy to install, wall-mounted split systems are the default option for installation.

Modern designs are sleek and more unobtrusive than their older counterparts.


These units sit flush with your ceiling, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of cooling yourhome with the seamless, clean appearance of ducted air conditioning.

The flow can be distributed in multiple directions with a cassette, giving excellent coverage within your house.


Bulkheads are compact, discrete systems installed on your ceiling and plastered around to create a seamless appearance.

Only the grilles are visible inside your home and give a sleek, modern look.

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