Reverse cycle ducted heating Melbourne

Powerful, high-performance heating solutions for homes in Bayside and Melbourne’s south east

  • Beat the winter chill with a custom heating system
  • Reverse cycle ducted heating doubles as air con during summer
  • Efficient heating solutions to suit your home and requirements
ducted heating Melbourne

Reverse cycle ducted heating systems

Alpha Air only works with the best. We promise to deliver powerful, energy-efficient heating, every time!

It can be difficult deciding which type of heater is best suited for your home. There are a lot of considerations to make, including the type of system, the number of kW required, and your budget.

ducted heating and cooling

Why focus on ducted?

Simple: ducted heating offers the ultimate in heating coverage and power. Imagine being able to heat your whole home, all from a single central thermostat.

In addition to condensers, ductwork and grilles, our ducted heating experts can also provide options including zoning and smartphone control.

As well as increasing how much control you have over your comfort, it can bring down your heating bill as well!

Reverse cycle ducted heating systems

Reverse cycle heating

Reverse cycle systems are a versatile solution to your home heating requirements, offering both heating and cooling in one unit.

Not only will you save considerable space, but you’ll also save money too, when you install a reverse cycle ducted system.

Upgrade your home comfort system to a reverse cycle heating unit – once you get a taste of the convenience and efficiency, you’ll never go back!

Ducted heating service Melbourne

Call Alpha Air for a free, no-obligation consultation!

Alpha Air believes the investment in heating and cooling is extremely important and we take it very seriously.

Your choice of heating system is a big decision you’re making for your future, both financially and in terms of your personal comfort.

We want to ensure that you make the best possible choice for your needs. To do that, we think it’s essential that we view the home or premises where the heating will be installed.

This initial consultation is 100% free, and gives us the following information, which can only be done in-person:

  • House size and volume
  • Insulation material used
  • Ventilation and airflow
  • Windows
  • Ceiling space
  • Heat sinks

All of this directly influences how much heating power your house will need.

Therefore, it tells us how extensive your ducted heating system will need to be to fulfil your requirements, as well as any unique installation challenges we may tackle.

In particular, we’ll inspect your ceiling space and layout, determining the feasibility of ducted heating installation. If we uncover obstacles like cramped ceilings or existing wiring, we’ll devise solutions that work around them.

Ducted heating service Melbourne

System design

After the free consultation we will work out the best system for you, with input from team members and make our recommendation via a custom comfort solution.

This process is known as system design, and is arguably the most important part of your ducted heating installation. We use a specific HVAC program to guarantee results, and performance!

Thinking of ducted heating installation in Melbourne? Call us today to organise an in-person consultation where we’ll discover which heating system is best for your home.

Ducted heating installation Melbourne

Not sure if ducted heating is right for your home?

Our work doesn’t end once the installation is done – our commitment to customer service extends to post-installation service too.

Alpha Air is an independent, family-owned heating and cooling team. Over the last 12 years, we’ve built a strong reputation and a lot of positive word-of-mouth for our business.

This is in large part thanks to commitment to excellent ducted heating service, long after installation is complete.

Broken heater? Need a rapid-response heating service?

You can trust our experienced team in Melbourne to provide complete service and repairs for all types of ducted heating systems, big and small.

With years of experience, knowledge and contacts throughout the major brands, Alpha Air can efficiently diagnose any problems you may be experiencing through our service division.

Gas ducted heating

Central heating systems are now a staple of houses in Melbourne. And it’s little wonder why: they offer great coverage and improved efficiency compared to traditional wall heaters.

Alpha Air offers powerful, comprehensive ducted heating systems from trusted brands including Braemar, whose range includes the world’s first 7-star central heating system!