Different types of heating and cooling systems

Different types of systems

You’ve probably heard various climate control solutions referred to as ‘ducted air conditioning’ or ‘split system air conditioning’.

But did you know that most air conditioning systems actually double as heating systems, too?

This feature is known as reverse cycle technology, and as the name suggests, means that one single system can both heat during winter and cool during the summer.

Below, we break down some of the most popular heating and cooling systems on the market, as well as the technology behind them, that enhance these systems to deliver you optimum heating and cooling, every single day of the year. 

Types of systems

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning offers unparalleled power and coverage, allowing you to thoroughly and evenly heat or cool your home – all from a central thermostat.

Combine this with the power of reverse cycle technology, and it’s little wonder that ducted reverse cycle systems are the system of choice for many luxury homes throughout Melbourne.

Alpha Air are ducted heating and cooling experts. We’ve refined our processes to the point where we can install a complete ducted system in a single day – a process that traditionally can take upwards of a week!

Ducted refrigerated

Refrigerated cooling is able to remove heat from the air in your home. As refrigerant evaporates, it sucks heat out of the air before pumping it back into your home, progressively cooling your house.

This type of system offers powerful cooling – best of all, when this process is reversed, it produces warm air and keeps the temperature up during winter!

Ducted refrigerated air conditioning also uses inverter technology – this means that the system will gently increase or decrease power to reach your desired temperature quicker. 

The result? Steady, comfortable temperature without fluctuations.

Split systems

Combining an indoor unit and an outdoor condenser, split system reverse cycle systems are an affordable option, and a great option for those small homes and those who only need to heat or cool a single room.

While we may be ducted air conditioning experts first and foremost, our range also includes a wide range of split system options, such as multi-head split systems and bulkhead systems.

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Gas ducted heating 

One of the most efficient ways to heat your entire home is with a gas ducted heating system. 

Gas ducted heating (also known as central heating) offers efficient and powerful heating, keeping you warm throughout even the chilliest Melbourne winters.

Gas ducted systems work quickly to reach comfortable temperatures, reducing your consumption. As a result, you can enjoy lower energy bills. Even when the temperature really drops, your system continues working optimally to keep your home warm!

Operation is whisper-quiet and will keep your family cosy during bitterly cold winters.

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Features that enhance your system 

Reverse cycle technology

We’re big believers in the power and benefits of reverse cycle heating and cooling.

  • Save money with a single installation
  • Wide range of different systems available
  • Custom heating and cooling solutions
  • We only use the most energy-efficient brands

Reverse cycle systems offer an all-in-one heating and cooling solution, making for a more cost-effective, efficient, and convenient home cooling solution!

Our team of ducted heating and cooling experts offers a wide variety of systems from trustworthy Australian and international brands.

No matter which one you choose, you’ll receive a system that’s equally capable of providing both heating and cooling for your home.

Zoned ducted air conditioning

By installing our selection of dampers, including specific variable air control types, you can heat and cool to the desired temperature and flow rate.

In addition to enhancing your comfort, you’ll also be able to drastically reduce your power bills. Using MyAir individual temperature controlled zones, you stand to save up to 30% on your air conditioning costs!

Zoned ducted air conditioning is a great choice for homes in Melbourne, combining cooling power with unmatched energy efficiency and flexibility.

And since many of our ducted systems utilise reverse cycle technology, you’ll enjoy all these benefits during winter as well!

Why choose Alpha Air?

We work with you from the point of design

Building a new house? Our team of heating and cooling experts work with you from the point of design.

We offer specialist advice during the design phase, identifying roadblocks and integrating heating and cooling solutions into your blueprints. We can even liaise directly with your architect or builder.

Customer-centric service

Everything we do here at Alpha Air is centred around giving you the best possible experience, from our initial conversation through to on-going support in the future.

Our friendly team will treat you and your home with the respect you’re owed, and endeavour to provide you with expert advice and custom solutions designed with your needs in mind.

Fully-licensed team

Each of our heating and cooling experts are Master Plumbers, have the ARCtick, and are registered with the VBA.

When you call us, you can be sure you’re choosing a team with the experience and knowledge to deliver an expertly-designed solution for your home and family. 

Leading brands and systems

We know that you only want the very best for your house – that’s why we only work with reputable, trustworthy Australian and international brands.

Each heating or cooling installation we perform uses high-quality systems from reputable brands. That means no dodgy, no-name systems here!

The Alpha Air process

Our team understands that no two houses are identical. As such, neither are any of our installations!

The Alpha Air name is built on quality workmanship teamed with unbeatable service.

We’re polite, offer generous warranty and repair services, and most importantly, we tailor each heating and cooling solution to suit the client.

Each of our heating and air conditioning installations starts out with system design.

This step is all about selecting a heating and cooling solution that perfectly matches your needs and budget. Our team will ask you:

  • What your budget is
  • How many rooms need cooling
  • About your current energy bills
  • Whether you have an existing system

We’ll also take into account factors like insulation, house orientation, windows and more, as these can impact heating and cooling.

The result? A “Goldilocks” heating and cooling solution – one that’s just right for your home, family, and lifestyle.

Not sure which type of system is right for you? Get in touch with the experts – give our team a call today on 1300 854 525 or click here to get in touch online. You can also visit us for heating and cooling in Melbourne: pop into our office at F6 / 310-312 Governor Rd, Braeside VIC 3195.

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